Camp Comeca and Retreat Center 

Hop off I-80 at Cozad and head South. A few miles down the road you’ll notice the hills pop up, the valleys form, and a beautiful landscape opens up before you. Then Comeca’s campground emerges.

Our 300+ acre property situated on Midway Lake was founded in 1950 by the Methodist Church, and we are proud to continue operating as a Great Plains United Methodist Camp. However, that does not restrict us from opening our facilities and services to a wide variety of denominations and groups. 

At the forefront of all we do at Camp Comeca, we strive to honor God. It is our mission to provide a place where all people can experience Christ. That simply means that we want the guests who visit Camp Comeca to understand God’s Love for them and have the opportunity to grow in their spiritual walk with Jesus. Honestly, just walking around the property and experiencing the beauty of God’s creation can bring about a natural response to worship. This ground has served as a worship setting for decades and God’s Spirit is certainly present here. In addition, our staff is honored to share the message of Christ with religious AND secular groups through the way we serve.

Our facilities enable us to serve groups all year-round! And what a blessing it is to offer such a unique landscape, multiple lodging options (hotel, dorm, and cabin/bunkhouse), delicious meals, and a variety of activities to groups of all ages! Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to serve church groups, business retreats, family reunions, continuing-education retreats, school day-camps, birthday parties, board meetings, and youth rallies. Some retreats last only a few hours, some come for a weekend, and others last an entire week or more. We enjoy allowing leaders to customize their retreats to fit the needs of their unique group and mission.

During our Comeca Summer Camp Programs, individuals are able to dive into a unique program we have created and scheduled to maximize the experience! We set a theme each year with a spiritual focus, train our staff members to lead campers keeping physical, emotional, and spiritual safety at the forefront, and jam-pack a whole lot of FUN into camper days! Our overnight camps start with one-night options for PreK (with an Adult Guardian) and end with week-long options for Junior/Senior High.. and we serve all ages in-between throughout the summer. If you’ve never heard of a Milk-Crate Climb, Prairie-Surfing, or tried an “Elvis-Style S’more”… you’ll have something new to share at the end of Summer Camp at Comeca! And above all, we are committed to keeping Jesus at the center of it ALL!

Thank you for your interest in Camp Comeca and Retreat Center. May God continue to Bless this ministry as we strive to Honor Him.

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Camp Director : Justin Hoehner

Program Director : Micah Waskowiak

Retreat Coordinator : Jordan Suhler




75670 Road 417 Cozad, NE 69130