How soon should I register for camp?

The sooner the better. Camps fill early and fast. All registrations are processed on a first-come basis. If you register before May 1, you get the early bird price.

How do I know if I got into the camp I wanted?

After registration, you will receive a confirmation email that includes basic information about the day you arrive, as well as a payment summary and your camper information for you to review.

How much money will I need for spending?

Camp Comeca has a trading post that can campers visit every day.  We suggest $2-$3 each day for food items and drinks.  We have souvenir items, as well, that range in price.  Each camper is given a free T-shirt.  If your camper wishes to buy souvenirs, send some extra money with them.

If my friend and I are going to the same camp, can we bunk together?

Campers are assigned cabins by camps (e.g. Little Lambs).  If your camper and a friend are going to the same camp, they will be in the same cabin.  Campers choose their bunks on the day they arrive. There also is a spot on registration that you make specify a bunk mate.

Do I register for the grade I finished or the grade I'm going into?

Camps are organized by age groups based on the grade you are going into.

What happens if I register for camp but can't come?

You will receive a full refund, minus the administrative fee, for cancellations up to 16 days before the camp’s start date. Fifty percent refunds, minus the administrative fee, will be granted for cancellations 15 days or less before the camp’s start date. There is no refund for no-shows except in cases of illness, injury or a death in the family

Can I attend more than one camp?

Yes, campers can attend as many camps as they wish with the exception of Counselor-In-Training Camp.  CITs are allowed only one week in the summer

How do I know what to pack?

A complete list is sent with the confirmation packet and will be available on the website

Can I fax in my registration?

Camp registrations are required to be filled out online or hard copy.  If you do not have access to a computer, please call the camp office at 800-486-4425, and we will take the registration over the phone or mail you a hard copy.

How is a camper's medicine cared for?

At registration, the camp nurse gathers medicine and pertinent health information from campers. Medication is stored in a safe place to be administered, as needed, by the camp nurse

What happens if a camper is ill or injured at camp?

Trained staff administers immediate first aid. For an accident or illness needing a physician’s care, the camp nurse notifies parents to discuss further treatment. For a health emergency needing a professional medical facility, the camper is transported and the parents are notified.

Can I bring a cell phone to camp?

In order to create a distraction free camp experience, we ask that campers do not bring cell phones. The camp office is the best way to reach your camper.

How are special needs cared for?

A serious attempt is made to meet all special needs. To make sure your camper has a memorable time, please share all helpful information on the registration page (e.g. wets bed, has nightmares, first time away from home, etc.)

Can I drop my child off early?

We realize that it may be difficult to find transportation, however, the staff and volunteers will be busy preparing for a successful experience and we will not be available for early arrivals. Check with your local church to see if a carpool can be arranged.

Can I call my camper?

Your camper will be busy throughout the week with activities and will rarely be near a phone. The camp phone is for business use and should be used to contact your camper only in the event of an emergency. In case of emergency, you should call the camp and ask the director to get a message to your camper.

Can I send my camper mail?

Yes! When addressing the letter, put your camper’s name above the camp address. Keep the letter encouraging and newsy. Share the excitement of the week they are experiencing. Try to avoid triggers that could cause or worsen homesickness. Do not send “care packages” of food or snacks. If you send stamped, addressed envelopes with your camper, they can write to you, too.
The camp address is:
Camp Comeca
75670 Road 417
Cozad, NE 69130

What happens if my camper gets homesick?

After years of experience, the camp staff is trained on how to handle homesickness. In most cases, the feelings are mild and short-lived. The counselors and supervisors, along with the camp director and camp nurse, work to ensure that each camper has a great experience. In the rare instance that a phone call home is necessary, the camp staff will initiate such action

Are funds available for campers needing financial assistance?

About 95 percent of camp scholarships come from the local churches.  Camp Comeca has a limited amount of donated funds designated for camp scholarships. To apply for the Camp Comeca Scholarship, please contact Camp Comeca 1-308-784-2808